Creating the ultimate man cave or she shed

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IT can be really hard adding a personal touch to your home when you share it with others. It’s all about compromise, isn’t it?

They want the walls painted with “shell white”, while you want to go for “China doll beige”. Maybe you visualise the room as the family library while your partner sees it as the games room. So you end up combining the pool table with your book collection. It just doesn’t work, does it?

Man caves and she sheds were created by men and women alike, to create hubs which purely reflect an individual’s tastes and interests. It’s impossible to easily compromise all the time, so these creations help reduce the bickering and give couples the space they need.

Here are some tips to create your very own man cave or she shed.


Too often the spaces we dedicate to ourselves become the dumping ground for the things we can’t find places for — the TV that needs a new cord, the painting that needs to be reframed — soon enough the place has turned into a hoarder’s heaven. When you establish your cave, give it a purpose so that everything you put in there is for a reason. Perhaps you want a reader’s corner, a place to try out your new video game, or maybe a room to watch old movies without being disturbed by the kids.


Once you’ve figured out what you are going to use the space for, you can find the place that’s right for you. Generally, a man cave will be a space within the house that is away from the chaos of the kitchen and the bedrooms. For the she shed, many women are converting or building their own sheds in the backyard. Wherever you choose, the concept is the same.


This is the fun part. Adapting a space that’s part of the home into an area that reflects you and your interests is also a challenge. When there are multiple people in a household, it is very easy to create an interior designer’s nightmare by combining your tastes with your partner’s tastes. If you’re going to be serious about your space, you have to make it yours and commit to decorating and equipping it how you want.

If you’re tech-savvy, start looking at all the latest gadgets that can help best reflect your space. Does convenience matter to you? Then perhaps you should look into a remote or a smart app that controls everything from the TV to the fridge temperature. If you want to use the space to rest and recuperate, set up your day bed with a sleep tracker and speakers with an ocean sound to help track your rest time.

Control your fun with the touch of a button.

If you’re an entertainment geek, then it’s all about the screen — the bigger, the better. The best way to achieve visual entertainment heaven is with a HD ceiling-mounted projector. Pair that with wall-mounted home theatre loudspeakers and you’ve got the best setting for racing around Mt Panorama in a V8 or practising your golf swing at the PGA Tour. Take note: you’re probably going to need to sound proof the room.

Another necessity is refreshments. For less than $50 you can install your own beer tap in the room. Gents, this is your easy access to free-flowing, liquid gold. No access to a sink? Why not try placing a mini bar fridge right next to the couch. If you’re more a wine connoisseur, perhaps look at installing a wine cooler. If you’re more of a health-nut, get a juicer.

Want to create that Zen feeling? Bring in the chaise lounge, pillows and candles. There’s nothing better than chilling in your peaceful hideaway while you listen to music or tune in to TV streaming services while you relax on the sofa. So deck your space with wireless, multi-speakers to amp up the sound and bring your laptop or TV in to catch up on your shows. You can even set the mood with wireless lights, controlling the dimming and even the colour from your laptop or phone.

Do everything yourself … or with your laptop.

Your man cave and she shed doesn’t necessarily have to be just for relaxation. If you’re interested in using your space for getting fit, Set up your own home gym with weights, a treadmill and some floor room to do stretching and yoga/pilates. Include a responsive yoga mat to help track your alignment and balance, or download a fitness app and give yourself time for a work out.


Finally, you may decorate and build the room to your tastes, but it’s not about keeping the space to yourself. Share your DIY success and invite your friends round. Fun is never had alone.

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