How To Transform Your Backyard Storage Space Into a Charming She Shed

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One of the indisputable facts about Sonoma County is that it’s beautiful. Scratch that; it’s gorgeous. A major benefit of being a homeowner with a backyard here is that you aren’t relegated to spending all of your free time inside the house, you can utilize this open space to work in your favor; especially if you happen to have an old shed you’ve forgotten about sitting desultorily in a hidden corner.

For years, we’ve all heard jokes about ‘Man Caves’ – garage workshops where the ‘men’ go to work on cars, projects, or ‘take a break’ from home life. This is where She Sheds come in. She Sheds have become the answer to the man cave; ladies have started laying claim to these underused structures to create their own stylish workspaces.

Instead of being a dusty, greasy workbench, these sheds act as a getaway; a tranquil oasis meant for quiet, peaceful contemplation or taking the idea of ‘working at home’ out of the home. You can turn your existing shed into a usable space to relax in for not much more than an afternoon of elbow grease and a few buckets of paint.

First, you’ll need to define the use for your She Shed, based on the activities you do most often. After all, you may like the idea of a breakfast nook, but if you realistically only have time for a cup of coffee every morning, a potting room or library may be a better bet. Here’s a look at some of the most common uses for these unique sheds:

Potting Shed

Potting Room (Image via

She Shed Library

Library (Image via Lowes)

Office Space

Office Space

She Shed Yoga

Yoga Room (Image via

Breakfast Nook

Breakfast Nook

When you’ve decided what the use will be, it’s time to get the existing shed ready for change:


Step one: clear out the clutter.

Depending on how often you’ve looked in your shed, this may be the hardest part.

Painted She Shed

Step two: give the interior and exterior a fresh coat of paint or stain. (Image via

The She Shed should be painted to be a reflection of its purpose. It can be soothing, whimsical, or colorful.

She Shed Interior

Step three: begin to decorate the interior. (Image Credit: Cathy Peacock)

Thrift stores or antique fairs can be good resources for finding one-of-a-kind pieces to give a She Shed a more creative flair.

She Shed Entryway

Step four: create an inviting entrance. (Image via

This is the last successful step in creating your dream She Shed. The entry to the shed sets the tone for what’s done inside, whether it’s knitting, reading, potting plants, or enjoying a chilled glass of wine on a sultry summer evening.